Episode 4 - Paying On A First Date, “How Are You”, Quoting Popular Media, and Lazy Rivers

April 8, 2017

After long anticipated return, the guys get right to it with: who should be paying on a first date? Is there still any meaning to asking someone "how are you"? Am I knowledgable or annoying for quoting media in conversation? And last, is a lazy river just as it sounds, or actually a cool attraction? 


Episode 3 - Regular Orders, Yelling At The TV, Joe Lunardi, and Facebook Accomplishment Posts

March 21, 2017

This week the guys bring you hot debate on questions such as; is having a regular order at a restaurant cool? How should I feel if I'm constantly yelling at the TV when I watch sports? Does Joe Lunardi live a sad life that's only important for three weeks out of the year, or does he have it made? And last, is posting about your accomplishments on Facebook acceptable, or a cry for attention and affirmation? All broken down to your favorite scale: Mad Game or Sad Game.


Episode 2 - Short Words, Being Involved, Puke & Rally, and Superhero Movies

March 10, 2017

On this week's episode, the guys cover this week's most hotly debated subjects: is shortening "Podcast" to "Pod" cool, and does that apply to other words? Is being heavily involved in various extracurriculars a sign of accomplishment, or overdoing it? Should I Puke & Rally or just call it quits before I go overboard? And last, brought to us by listener Tiffany Truong, are superhero movies still cool, or overdone? All brought to you on a silver platter of Mad Game or Sad Game.


Episode 1 - Bad Stories, Farewell Tours, Video Games, and The Bachelor

February 26, 2017

On this week's episode, the guys answer some of today's most important questions; if I know my story is going south, do I keep telling it? How should I feel about a professional athelete on a farewell retirement tour? Should I be really good at party video games? And last, if I'm a male, should I be trying to win my Bachelor fantasy league? All this and more using our personally curated scale: Mad Game or Sad Game.